Year 6

Blue Planet

A study of the  Aquatic biome provides depth of knowledge and application of theories such as: wave hubs , fishing, marine conservation, plastic pollution and renewable energy for the future.

The Battle of Britain 
Pupils will learn the main facts about WW2 and  the rule of Hitler. Including the causes and effects; allies and enemies and what life was like then (iron age Britiain). They will learn about Winston Churchill and his speech 
This topic will look at the 4 months in 1940 when The Battle of Britain was fought. Pupils will find out about the roles of women in this battle, the development and use of RADAR and how London survived the Blitz.


North America Road trip
Pupils now explore a study of a continent, considering human and physical features inc food and farming, flooding, canyons and valleys. 
Slavery through the Ages
Pupils will learn how slavery dates back to the 15th century (Columbus) and how  Europeans enslaved millions of people from parts of West Africa by transporting them across the Atlantic Ocean and selling them in the Americas .It will look at the ‘Triangular trade’ and the three stages of slave trade. It will look at the impact of slavery and what modern slavery looks like today.  
Cornish Commerce
This topic builds on pupils' understanding of settlements, land use and tourism. Pupils will be learning about  local tourism such as hospitality  and  the instability of the industry. They will be identifying Cornwall's other  natural resources ( wind, sun and waves)  and how these industries might provide a more sustainable future for Cornwall' s economy.
Cousin Jacks
Building on the year 4 knowledge of Richard Trevithick and his revolutionary invention, the steam locomotive, pupils learn how the Cornish expertise was taken to new lands. As natural resources in Cornwall diminished and costs of extraction increased  the decline of the industry saw many Cornish miner emigrate across the globe. From the mines of South America to the silver mines  in Mexico and Peru; copper and lead of South Australia to the gold rush in California, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.