Year 5

Polar Peaks
A broader knowledge is provided by a study of Tundras and polar climates with a focus on  Arctic and  Antarctic. Understanding of the process of plates tectonic and mountain formation develops from KS1.
Pole to Pole

Having learnt about tundras on the continent of Antartica; pupils will  learn about Ernest Shackleton (1897 –post 1066 when Queen Victoria was in power an explorations led by) and the heroc age of exploration and what life was like at that time.

Across Our Continent

Having studied a European country in depth pupils will compare the human and physical geography of two European countries developing sophistication in their comparison to include :

Causes and impact of poverty.

Causes and impact of migration: chosen and forced 
Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Pupils develop their chronology and learn how the Roman occupation came to an end and why the Anglo saxons and Scots invaded; where they settled. about William the Conqueor and the Battle of Hastings the causes and effect of the invasion and conflict between France and England (King Harold).

Tectonic Trouble
Pupils build on their understanding of  the formation of mountains and  polar climates and learn how volcanoes  and earthquakes occur with a focus on Iceland,   Northern Europe( Nordic Countries)
The Vikings

These pagan, Scandinvian, pillaging, warriors invaded Britain in part due to a lack of farmland. Sailing on their longboats invading the coast of East Anglia.  Pupils look at life then and now and consider the significance of the battle on British history- and in to the Norman era.