Year 4

Remarkable Rainforests

Pupils build on their understanding of desert and forest biomes and their climate zones and learn about rainforests biomes and tropical climate zones resources  with focus on the Amazon on the continent of South America. 

Marvellous Mayans
Pupils broaden their knowledge of civilisations and settlements and learn about the progression the Mayans made in (250AD); writing, the calendar, architecture, law, art,chocolate and what life was like. The work of archaeologist John Llyod Stephens and the evidence of the Mayans (links made to Columbus’ discoveries in Year 2 ‘Great Explorer topic) 
Get to know Greece

Pupils complete a European study ( Greece- Mediterranean climate zone) that is contrasting to  the UK .  This study will focus particularly on changes in landscape.

Ancient Greece

Pupils look at life in Ancient Greece 700-480BC. The concept of democracy, philosophy, gods and culture.

Raging Rivers

Building on previous topics pupils learn about the water cycle and deepen their knowledge of their  local rivers, UK rivers, N and S America rivers ( Amazon) and the features of river and the importance of water as a resource for life.

Once upon a Mine
Pupils learn about mining and their local history; they learn about the  gruelling and harsh working conditions of the miners and their families. Pupils study the Camborne born, engineer  and inventor, Richard Trevithick. His steam engine that began the Industrial revolution  and the impact of his invention on Cornwall and the world.