Year 3

Surviving the Sahara
Building on year KS1 knowledge of hot and cold countries in relation to the equator. Pupils now begin to learn about the desert and arid climate zones  with a focus on a hot desert -  the Sahara in the country of Egypt on the continent of Africa.
Ancient Egypt

Pupils  learn about the first civilisation and settlements in Egypt (3100BC): the pyramids, pharaohs, early writing and maths and what life was like.

London our capital

Pupils continue to embed and broaden their knowledge and understanding of UK villages, towns and cities and counties. Pupils will study the human and physical features of (inc settlements) of London

Scavengers and Settlers

Pupils look at history proceeding (pre-history-dinosuars).  They look at early people and what life was like: early settlements, tools etc with links are made to Cornish mining.

Fantastic Forests
Pupils will identify the  features of a forest biome and where they are located around the world with a focus N/S America: Amazon, Tongass, Sequoia, Redwood. Pupils will compare these  forest biomes with a local forest and describe how the land has changed.
What the  Romans did for us

Pupils learn about the impact of the Romans (27BC-476AD): and what they did for us: roads, language, towns, education.  Pupils learn about Boudicca, who led the revolt, but who was defeated, against the Romans.