Year 2

A World of Water

Having established local, regional and national locational knowledge in year 1. This topic develops a knowledge of the Oceans and seas and 7 continents ( and the movements of plates tectonic) as represented on a globe, map and aerial photographs with a focus on Africa.  

Epic Explorers

Building on their knowledge of the oceans in ‘World of water,’ pupils learn about the explorer, Christopher Columbus (1492- when Henry 8th was in power) . They make links with the origins of the globe they learnt about in ‘where in the world am ‘?’


They will compare Columbus’ life with the life of James Cook a mapmaker and his explorations (1768 when George 3 was king) and the causes and cure for scurvy.
An Island Home

Pupils deepen their understanding of  the United Kingdom- as an island. They learn how Islands are formed and how they change overtime.  Pupils compare some human and physicial features of their local area with a small area  of  a contrasting  country such as:  Trindad or Tobago. 

Disaster at Sea

This topic looks at the Titanic (1912 when George 5 was king); the facts and evidence surrounding the event along with what life was like then and now.


The topic compares the actions of the more local Penlee lifeboat disaster in 1981.

African Adventure

Having explored a comparison of 2 contrasting cities and 2 contrasting countries pupils now compare a non- European country. Pupils are provided with concrete examples for similarities and difference which describe human  and physical features.

Cornwall in Bloom

This topic looks at the tropical gardens in Cornwall and where the plants came from and how they got here? (Cornish plant hunters). Links to the explorer Francis Drake (1577), who followed Columbus’s journey and Queen Elizabeth 1.