Year 1

What is Planet Earth?

An introduction to the concepts of the various representations of the world as Sphere (globe) and its primary features  (Pangea, continents, plates tectonic, equator, UK, countries)

Dinosaur Discovery

This topic establishes pre-history- when dinosaurs existed and what life was like (66 million years ago). It looks at the evidence and impact  of Mary Anning the ‘fossil hunter’ (1799-1847) and encourages historical questioning and enquiry.

Our Town My Street

Having looked at the world from an international perspective pupils now explore in depth: local, regional and national perspectives. Scaling up from home, villages, towns, city, county, UK and countries. With a focus on the features of their locality –Camborne.

KIngs and Queens 

This topic looks at the Royal family (tree) and focusses on Queen Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603) as daughter of Henry 8th. Looking at what life was like then and now. They learn about the conflict with Spain and the failed Armada invasion.

Wonderful Weather

This topic builds on knowledge of the equator and looks at Weather around the world- this prepares pupils for more depth of knowledge when studying climate zones in KS2. (Continent level)

Seaside Detectives 

What was the seaside like in the past? (places and people) Cornwall based

What did our grandparents do at the seaside? (Living memory)

What was the seaside like then and now?