Online Safety

Online Safety 
At Roskear we take the safety of our children as the most important part of our role. Part of keeping safe includes us helping to teach and help children keep safe online. It is important to stay safe online both inside and outside of school. At Roskear we expect every child in school to abide by the Acceptable Use policy which states: 
  • I will always be 'Safe and Savvy'
  • I will only use appropriate websites
  • I will report any inappropriate use to an adult straight away
  • If any pictures of words come on to the screen that make me feel uncomfortable, I will turn off the screen and tell an adult
  • I will care for equipment and tell an adult if any equipment is broken or not working
  • If a device does not seem to work properly, I will tell an adult straight away
  • I will only use other people's equipment with their permission
As a school we do not tolerate cyber bullying - if you think you are a victim of cyber bullying you MUST tell an adult straight away.
As a school we teach the children about the importance of keeping safe online and how to stay safe. We use Gooseberry Planet to support the teaching of this area of the curriculum. 
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