Art Rationale
Art in all its forms, is broad and far- reaching and dates back to our earliest civilisations. It reflects societies and narrates history. The arts is one of the world's  biggest employers and generates trillions of income and revenue to the UK economy,  from fashion, to architects,  to landscape garden designers to art exhibitions and galleries. It is important therefore, that pupils through a study of past and present artists,  develop an appreciation of the  different genres and mediums.
Cornwall has for generations attracted a variety of artists to the county. It's beautiful and far- reaching coastlines have  been an inspiration and subject for many . Pupils will encounter the legacy of of Barbara Hepworth at her museum in St Ives along with some contrasting modern pieces of art, exhibited at the Tate. 

Art aims

Our main objectives in Art are to develop:

  • An awareness of shape, colour and texture
  • A sense of touch as well as vision
  • Practical and manipulative skills
  • Powers of observation and judgement
  •  Emotional responses

Children have the opportunities to do this through trying out different art forms and materials so that by the time they leave primary school they should be able to express themselves confidently. They should be able to use equipment and materials correctly and be able to prepare and complete work independently.





Design and Technology


We present the children with work that is interesting, varied and challenging. All pupils are involved in the technological process: identifying a need, developing a design and making and evaluating the results. The ability to communicate both verbally and through design is encouraged at all ages.


We want our pupils to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.


Design and Technology is embedded within our immersive learning topics and is also a popular choice for homework activities.